What is the game go

what is the game go

Go is perhaps the oldest board game in the world. The rules are very simple, and you can learn them in a few minutes - but they lead to a countless number of. Go is a fascinating strategy board game that's been popular for at least 2, years, and probably more. Its simple rules and deep strategies have intrigued. Still not sure what Go is and why Google built an artificial. Go is a board game where two players compete to control the most territory on the. If so then before you start reading book of ra automaten manipulieren you might be interested in our recommendations on learning to play. Go players Go ranks and ratings Go professional Go organizations Go competitions. The white stone in Diagram 13 is on the point. Each player has an effectively unlimited supply of pieces called stonesone taking the black stones, the other taking white. Diagram 2 shows three isolated white stones with their liberties marked by crosses.

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Diagrams 8 and 9 illustrate the rule governing self-capture. Therefore, black connects at 11 in Figure 8, but White ataris again at Black has stake out the right side and White has laid claim to the left side. Allowing this could result in an unending cycle of captures by both players. Go can be played almost anywhere. An early mistake can be made up, used to advantage, or reversed as the game progresses.

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Terms of Use Privacy Policy Communications Preferences Contact Tip Us Community Guidelines About Ethics Statement All Systems Operational Check out our status page for more details. Although Black can capture the white stone by playing at the circled point, the resulting shape for Black has only one liberty at 1 , thus White can then capture the three black stones by playing at 1 again snap back. In Diagram 8 , White may not play at i or j , since either of these plays would be self-capture; the stones would then have no liberties. The Ing and New Zealand rules do not have this rule, [44] and there a player might destroy one of its own groups—"commit suicide". It is also possible to capture your opponent's stones by completely surrounding them.

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